Bob & Girls


Bob loved his girls more than anything. He would always joke that he was the luckiest man, because for some time he lived at home with four women. And not only did he live with four women, but he lived with four very different personalities.

He spent much of his time trying to make them laugh by telling corny jokes or making silly faces. Each year for Christmas and his birthday he reminded them he wanted peace. He constantly kept on them to stick together and remain close.

He was there for each daughter no matter what and had a very unique relationship with each. His ol

dest,Kathy who he called “Kat Chow,” would enjoy breakfast dates to talk about life with dad. His middle child, Lisa, AKA “Wolfie” had long talks with him to discuss her future career. And his baby, Cyndi, who he called Simba or Chimba since 3rd grade was his athlete and enjoyed business and politics as he did.

Bob & GirlsBob worked his whole life to make sure his girls were safe and well and a day never went by that he didn’t talk to them.

He put them in sports, extra circular activities, encouraged them to earn a great education and supported them during their good times and bad.

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